Computer Lab:(Place for Innovation)

Recognising the needs of future, we have computer education from classes I to X. There is well equipped computer lab with latest technologies and aids.

Science Lab: (Experimental Zone)

School has well equipped laboratory which facilitates the student to perform experiments projects with latest aids under the guidance of science teacher and lab-asstt. One student also participate in science seminars and science fairs.

Mathematics Lab: (Creativity Zone):

A lab latest techniques and aids is provided to the students to transfer complete and through knowledge of the subject.

Social Science Lab ((Exploring The world);

There is a social sc. Lab with number of charts, Maps, models and globe to develop the factual knowledge of subject.

Library (A Minds GYM):

The school library is housed in spacious room designed in such a way so as to encourages students to develop an interest in a variety of subjects.

Music & Dance: (life is colorful with music):

Music is one of the subject in the curriculum. We have a separate music room with necessary musical instruments. The knowledge of classical modern music and musical instruments ins being given by the trained music teacher. Student get a chance to exhibit their talent and gain confidence by performing on state.

Games: (Healthy Mind lives in Healthy Body):

In order to keep our students physically & mentally fit, we trained them with certain indoor & outdoor games (Badmintan, Baket Ball, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc.) which refresh and energies their mind.

Medical Room:

School has a medical room in which first aid is given to the students in needed.

Smart Class:

Keeping pace with the new ara of information technology by curriculum provides smart leaning to the student’s through classes.

Abacus Class:

To make our students mathematically strong, we have introduced ABACUS classes from class I to V, it help the students to make the calculation fast. We are planning to introduce Vedic Math classes for the students of class VI to X.

Interactive Session with Parents:

Frequent interactions between parents and teachers are of paramount importance in achieving the educational goals. However, formal Parents Teacher Meetings are also convened periodically. We also accept suggestions of parents for the benefit of students.

Personality Development Programmes:

Personality is to men that perfume is to flowers To shape the personality of the lovelians, free personality development classes are arranged through a resource person.

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