The school was has a well-planned campus and has a beautiful three story building equipped with all modern facilities. It has spacious hall for cultural and other activities. The school has bit and ventilated classroom, library, laboratory, computer room, smart class, abacus class and playground to develop a holistic personality of the child.


L.R.P.S. believes that the soul of a school is its faculty. The role of teacher as a fried, philosopher and guide reminds most significant. The management has an unshakable belief, that the faculty member are the pillars of the institution. Each staff member is dedicated and motivated to deliver quality education in their specified subjects.

Academic Programme:

Pre Primary:

The early years are the formative year when a child’s mind starts to develop, when curiosity runs high. These are the moments when a kid wants to explore experiment. It is her that we step into facilitate, ensuring that a child misses out one none of these.

Middle and Secondary:

This is the transition phase when a student passes through a critical period physical, emotional and mental change from childhood to adolescence. We provide the complete knowledge to our student through a pre-planned scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

Assessment and Promotion:

The evaluation is done on CCE pattern, for this two summative and four formative assessment. These are conducted during the session. Students activities i.e. Punctuality, thinking skill, communication skill, values, attitudes and co-scholastic activities are assessed continuously by the teacher and records of the individual child is maintained, on that basis grades are provided in different faculties.


To increase the importance of presence in school, five marks are added in annual result. 75% attendance is compulsory for all students to appear in the final examination or board examination.

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